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A Better Life Starts with Good Health

At Bloomingdale Medical Centre, our medical and administrative team are committed to providing you with excellent healthcare and an exciting customer experience. 

We Take Care of Your Health

Bloomingdale Medical Centre is a top-notch health facility, located at Amasaman, Accra. The services available at our facility include general OPD, childcare, fertility & maternity care, general surgery, diet & nutrition, pharmacy & laboratory.

A Customer-Focused Health Facility at Amasaman

We are focused on ‘customer-first’ healthcare with a commitment towards serving the community and families with excellent healthcare solutions.

Experienced Medical Staff

Your health is our priority, so we engage very experienced, qualified medical staff who follow world-class clinical protocols to take care of your health

New Patient

Have you had your medical check up this year? Are you looking for a health facility that treats you better and takes care of you and your family’s health with excellence? Call or visit us today!

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Complete Health Care for Your Family

We Take Care of Your Health, So You Can Take Care of Your Life
Experienced Medical Staff

Our experienced, qualified medical staff follow world-class clinical protocols to serve you better.

Comprehensive Care

We take a comprehensive approach to healthcare using a multidisciplinary approach and following the biopsychosocial model of healthcare in our diagnosis and treatment.

Guaranteed Results​

We strive to provide all patients with excellent healthcare that addresses their health concerns and offer good health.

Modern Equipment ​

We leverage the best, top and modern equipment to serve our customers with superb and excellent health services that they will love.

Excellent Healthcare Services You Can Trust!

We Have All Your Family Healthcare Needs Covered
Lab & Diagnostics

We offer basic lab test, ultrasound scan, major organ test and eye screening. 


We offer dispensing services of high-quality medicines at affordable prices. 

Need to see a gynecologist?
BMC provides access to very professional gynecologists on appointment basis. No waiting time, prompt services.
Fertility Care ​

We offer consultation, investigations and treatment for subfertility, infertility and to assess fertility

Family Planning

Professional family planning advice, guidance and consulting.

Maternity Care

Get all your ante-nental, delivery and post-natal care at one place. 

Baby & Child Care

Medical services and health consultation to ensure the well-being of your baby/child.

Health Consultation & Medical Check-Up

General health consulting, medical checkup and medical tests for Covid-19, diabetes, and more. 

General Surgery

We diagnose and perform basic surgical operations, thanks to our experienced surgical team and well-equipped theatre.

233 (0) 55 454 3131

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