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Best Leading Hospitals Around Amasaman You Never Knew About


Since the pandemic’s beginning, hospitals have been excessively demanded by patients in Ghana, creating difficulty in meeting the healthcare needs of the people. This is unfortunate, considering that easy and timely access to hospital services is essential in saving a life. Access to hospitals is still the most significant challenge to the healthcare delivery system in Ghana.

But the narrative has changed now due to the establishment of an ultra-modern health delivery system, particularly in areas like Amasaman in the Ga West Municipality and other places within the country. Residents of Amasaman in particular do not have to travel far distances to access health care since there are equally good hospitals around Amasaman.

A growing number of hospitals are utilizing technology to allow patients to seek medical advice without needing to come into the office. With increasing urbanization, hospitals are now changing the face of health delivery and this is what some hospitals around Amasaman are doing to save lives.

Top Leading Hospitals Around Amasaman

  1.   Bloomingdale Medical Centre, Amasaman.

With eight years of experience in healthcare delivery, Bloomingdale Medical Centre (BMC) has carved a niche for itself as a customer-centric hospital not just in the Greater Accra region but the entire nation. Bloomingdale Medical Centre is a top-notch state-of-the-art hospital that offers inpatient and outpatient care to residents of Amasaman and the Greater Accra region.


There are a variety of qualified medical professionals on staff, including doctors, physician assistants, nurses, midwives, lab technicians, dispensing technicians, general surgeons, obstetricians, and gynaecologists.

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With their client at the centre of health delivery, their patients receive top-notch treatment at a centre that operates on a 24-hour service system to ensure that clients can always get cutting-edge medical care. Their services include general consultation, specialist services, maternity, and theatre services.

Their service allows a patient to receive medical treatment without being beholden to an office schedule that does not fit the patient’s needs. The hospital offers advanced medical facilities with excellent laboratory service. Their lab is among the accredited labs by the Ghana Health Service to conduct Covid-19 tests in Ghana.

  1.       Ga West Municipal Hospital

The Ga West Municipal Hospital is a public hospital that started as a health centre in the year 1984 and was later designated as a Municipal Hospital in the year 2008. It is located within Amasaman opposite the Ga West Municipal Assembly.

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The hospital offers general services and provides services to the people of Amasaman and its adjoining towns. Services offered at the hospital include general OPD, Emergency Services, Antenatal care, Mental Care, Herbal and Alternative Medicine and many others.

Patients can book services online or leave their contact details to request a call.

These are the two leading hospitals around Amasaman that use modern technology in health delivery.

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